Every effort is made to represent the finished items accurately. 

However, due to the design element and the handcrafted nature of the jewelry, please keep in mind there may be slight variations . 

In addition to the premier Swarovski products featured at Red Sky Jewelry, pieces also include other interesting components from around the world.

Pieces that do not feature CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski are my Rumspringa -- German for "skipping around."

Professional beading wire, used almost exclusively at Red Sky Jewelry, is made with many strands of wire, thus ensuring superior drape, suppleness and durability.

Your purchase comes with non-tarnish fill in a gift box. Please consider storing your piece in the box to protect the components from oxidizing.

a little reading about gold plate, vermeil and rolled gold

Solid gold jewelry is without a doubt beautiful, but with the price of gold reaching new highs, it is becoming more and more a luxury. Jewelry can still be made, though, that is tasteful, beautiful and at lower cost that that made with solid gold.

Here is some information you may find helpful in distinguishing the differences in material.

Gold plate, sometimes referred to as gold dipped, is where a thin molecule of gold (not karat-gold) is electro-plated over a base metal to give it a gold color, and a chemical process is then used that gives it the brightness. The color and brightness can fade with time, but can be an attractive alternative to more costly rolled gold.

Vermeil is karat-gold electro-plated over sterling silver. Because the adhesion is not 100% to the silver, the silver continues to tarnish under the gold. As it tarnishes, the vermeil darkens with age. As the gold is not fused, the plating will eventually wear off, although longer than with gold plate, taking about 2 or so years.

Rolled gold, also known as gold filled, uses heat and pressure to bond 2-3 layers of karat-gold over a base metal. It wears off very slowly, is wonderful for all types of jewelry, and is gaining in popularity.

Rolled gold is available in 10k, 12k, and 14k, 14k being the best quality and most durable. A 14/20 rolled gold piece of jewelry is usually considered a lifetime piece. 

In the symbol 14/20, the 14 stands for the karat of gold used and by law, it has 1/20th (or 5%) 14 karat gold by weight. There is 100 times more gold in 14 karat rolled gold (gold filled) than in gold plate. It is tarnish-resistant like solid 14 karat gold and is safe for most people with sensitive skin who can wear solid 14 karat gold.

Basically, rolled gold is a good metal for a good price.