innovation and outstanding quality

For years, Swarovski has used innovative designs and recently, has significantly expanded its branding and marketing.

CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements is Swarovski's branding of their loose cut crystal elements, which includes the crystal beads and pearls used in Red Sky Jewelry.

Swarovski strictly controls production, releasing new colors and creating limited editions annually.

Despite premium prices set for their products, CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements remain in high demand.

swarovski crystal world entrance in wattens, austria

CRYSTALLIZED™ swarovski crystals

CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski crystal is gorgeous. Thought to be the finest crystal in the world, a high lead content (32% compared to competitors 24%) and precision cuts produces a diamond-like brilliance.

The crystal beads come in many shapes, sizes, colors and coatings.

CRYSTALLIZED™ swarovski crystal pearls

CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski crystal pearls are the first handmade pearls with a leaded crystal core. This hefty core makes a huge difference in quality. The leaded crystal core gives the pearls the weight and feel of real pearls, and adds to durability.

The unique pearl coating, consistent all the way through and comparable to the natural luster of fresh water pearls, is another quality factor.

Like natural pearls, CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski crystal pearls should be put on last when dressing, after hairspray and perfumes, and stored properly when not worn.

When you treat yourself to a set of these pearls, you will be amazed at their exceptional value for their beauty.