rumspringa ceramic - kazuri berry gold necklace

Kazuri beads
Swarovski crystals
  6m rounds
  4m bicones
Sea glass nuggets
Czech fire polished rondelles
Japanese seed beads
Lead-free pewter
Gold plate
  spacers, findings
1.5m Greek leather, natural

 18 to 21 inches

$48.00 (one remaining)

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kazuri bench work

Kazuri is the Swahili word for "small and beautiful." As with many beginnings, Kazuri Beads started as a small, home-based business, founded in 1975 by Lady Susan Wood on her Kenyan plantation.

Seeking throughout her life to make a difference, she created jobs to disadvantaged women in an area with very limited sources of employment, steadily growing the company.

Today, as the company expands, the world can marvel at the wonderful array of African colors
and Kenyan art that reflect a culture and appeal to jewelry fashion.

Showcasing a piece of this art seems a respect to yet another way that man interprets his world.